Fleur D'oeuvres

Cooking with Class
The All Hors D'oeuvres Menu
photos by Lily Lewin
Ms. Susie Brown, The Paris Market Barista extraordinaire is also a Chef extraordinaire. Did you know? Yep, she used to cook on yachts!
So when she mentioned she had cooking class, I immediately signed myself up. Plus, I'm not so skilled in the kitchen-not a good room for me. I usually just hurt myself.  Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending one of her cooking parties, with a bunch of other friendly food lovers, to happily prepare a full course of hors d-oeuvres. Eight in total. I know. Susie Brown does not mess around. But an all hors d-oeuvres menu is just up my alley. Tapas junior. Parfait!

I started off my night with a glass of white, and quickly snacked on olives and cashews before I was put to work cutting rounds out of Challah bread with a biscuit cutter for the crab and mango stack-ups. (see just below) I think I did pretty well, cutting those circles. 

Everything came out great! Steak and potato bites were flavorful and substantial and the fontina risotto balls were a real hit. And everyone was very impressed with the tuna tartare served in endive and cucumber slices. My two favorites though, were the gazpacho sips served in sawed off cucumbers. (so cute!) and the crab and mango stack ups. They were such sweet little chomps!

And then we ate it all.


sandra @ french laundry 132 ♥ said...

YUM, this looks sooooo good. I was in your store in Savannah in April and just had to tell you how much I LOVE it! Love your blog too!

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Thank you Sandra! We're so glad you are enjoying the blog and we hope to see you back in The Paris Market soon!