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Paper, Pastis, Proseco (and James Franco)
I met up with the Paris Market girls at Pastis last night in the meatpacking district for Day 2/3 of the NYC – Paper adventure. We ate with James Franco. He was 5 tables away but who's counting. I just saw him recently in HOWL actually, where he plays a young Allen Ginsburg. It was shown right here at Muse Arts last December and he was very good in it. And, he looks just as hot in real life. Voila,
After collectively indulging in steak with bĂ©arnaise sauce, pea and mint raviolis, fish and chips, cheeseburgers, and some jack and ginger (jack and ginger was a new and delightful experience for me, feels like a feminine variation on the vodka tonic) we caught a cab over to ABC on Broadway but they had just closed! That's okay, we had only to look across the street to find Fish’s Eddy, where we perused their fresh catches (Paula had some porcelain hands sent home) and I picked up some things too, since my cats are  on a chronic mission to destroy my glassware. Then we walked up to 23rd street and discovered Eatily.

YES, EATILY. A super huge gourmet marketplace with everything imported from Italy, and best described in their words..."We sell what we cook and we cook what we sell" And I heard Italian in every aisle, which is the stamp of authenticity for me. They have a bar, a restaurant...its like the place is a giant homage to indulging in all the best things in life –food, friends, family. Everyone used to be obsessed with Dean & Deluca, but our new lustful infatuation is with Eatily…
Proseco in jelly form. YES. 

cute little yogurt cup

Paula and the girls grabbed some Proseco for a nightcap, and I grabbed a cab back to Grand Central, all the while thinking that I needed to get into the city more often, or at least start planning more adventures -wherever I happen to be. 
oh yeah. paper. Still gathering intelligence and images on the actual paper show. I mean, when James Franco starts off the night, its easy to loose your original thought.

 ciao ciao,

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