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Le Chai with Christian Depken
I sat down with Christian Depken, owner of Le Chai (pronounced “shay”) the wine shop on DeSoto Street in the Starland District to get a few educated words on wines and what might make a refreshing pairing for my summer eating.  For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Depken is a totally unpretentious, nice guy who will take the time to explain everything you want to know about wine –and I have yet to buy a bottle from him that hasn’t been perfect. He chooses to work in Old World wines, because countries like France (French wines considered the benchmark) have been at it the longest and really understand their Terroir. What is Terroir?
Mr. Depken explained that terroir is everything that goes into making a place, well, a place. It's the unique specicifity of that place. Terroir is the sun, the soil, the water, the climate; and how the individuality of a place affects everything grown there. – including grapes. I understand this, my husband says that North Carolina has the best tomatoes, that they tastes more like a juicy fruit than a vegetable. It's also why I finally convinced my mother that ferns will do great in the moist shady spot in the garden and not so much her roses. But, I digress.
So what’s good for the summer?

Without question, Rosé. And a good Rosé will actually have more of a copper color.
But it's perfect for summer. Don’t be afraid of Rosé, embrace Rosé! 
It's lighter than a red, sturdier than a white. In short, lovely for summer. 
Recommendation: Louis de Grenelle Corail, a sparkling rose from Saumur, France.

Next up is Vouvray, also from the Loire Valley, and made from the Chenin Blanc grape. This wine goes great with shellfish of any kind. So pair this with shrimp, lobster, scallops, etc. I’m already thinking about those fresh Georgia shrimp from Tybee to go with this Vouvray.

With a summer steak you would want an acidic wine, with a higher level of tannins,
so a Chinon would be great.
 Raise a glass and celebrate another day of life! En bonne santé!

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