Adventure Dolls

You know we’re all a pretty gung ho about these knitted friends of ours. Just when I thought these little critters couldn’t get any cuter, Mirabelle, the ballerina, comes dancing into my life, charming me silly.

If I’m obsessed with these little amigos as an adult, I can only wonder about the amount of fascination I would have held for them as a child.

I was just a little too old for when all those new exciting dolls came out –
like the American Girl Dolls – first it was Kirsten, then Molly, and then they started adding all this special paraphernalia for them and it was just too much. I was probably old enough to date, but I still wanted one. They had their own quilts and reading glasses! camping sets and little chairs! (!!!) ---hopelessly hooking little girls everywhere with their parents begrudgingly supporting their habit – because they too were utterly be-witched by the cuteness.
When I was a young(er), I was right on time for the Cabbage Patch dolls. They were really expensive, but they did come with their own adoption papers, certifying that they REALLY had been pulled fresh from the cabbage patch and they were now your responsibility. They also came with their butts signed. All the little kids I knew thought this was strange and disturbing, but no one said much about it and you tend to just go with the flow as a child. Today, this is THE doll to have:

I never really babied my dolls as a child. I fed them sparingly and changed their clothes only on occasion, but I did take them with me on all my adventures. I dragged them by their arms over the rocks and through the woods. If we (me and my older sister) had to hop a fence, we threw them over first and they calmy waited for us to come over next. They went on the train with us and to the pool; we fed them cheese doodles. They swung from overgrown grapevines and bravely climbed all the big rocks with us, never once complaining. And of course, they were there to offer emotional support when my mom yelled us to “just sit still and be quiet, before I completely lose my mind thank you &#*$%.”

That’s why I love these guys – they’re adventure dolls!
                                                                                                                                                              photos courtesy: blablakids

Happy Adventures!

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