Eco-nography: the medium is the message

Do you know that stationary company Snow & Graham? (they make some really nice cards and we have some of those products here at The Paris Market), well, the woman who founded that company, Amy Graham Stigler, is now the designer at Smock Paper! And they are responsible for this beautifully designed paper right here:

Smock Paper is this great printing company located in Syracuse, New York. And they're actually the first and only print shop in the USA to offer printing on luxury bamboo paper --- which they developed with the help of a historic European paper mill.


They describe bamboo paper like this:
"It’s extremely soft, luxuriously thick, and elegantly textured. It’s also perfect for letterpress. Essentially, imagine the highest quality cotton paper. Now imagine something even prettier and without the pesticides used in cotton production."
This is a paper company that is doing everything right. Evidenced in their use of bamboo paper which has a much lighter footprint on the planet and their use of vegetable based inks and low VOC inks. Go here to learn more about Bamboo and why it's so great for the environment.

After that, stop by The Paris Market and get some really nice paper that's really nice to our planet.
You can send it through your letterpress, or your typewriter, or your (ugh) modern printer. You can line some shelves or boxes, wrap some gifts...OH! we also have this great book in the store too, Wallpaper Projects, that you can glean some inspiration from as well.

We can all feel good when beautiful things aren't produced through damaging means. Hopefully these stories of people making beautiful things in a beautiful way will keep popping up. And this will be the first of many I can blog about.
a small sampling of what we got in today...

see you in the store!

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