Snacking with Susie

Eat. Sail. Love. (yes, in that order)
We’re starting up a new segment we’re calling, "Snacking with Susie" But before I get into it, let’s go back. Meet Susie Brown, Chef extraordinaire and spunky Barista here at the Paris Market. She does about 5 million things before she even gets to work, and she still gives you that shot in the dark with a dash of wit and a twinkle in her eye.

Susie is a completely self-taught creator of food delights, starting out as a short order cook on a dayboat. Cooking for 70-80 people out at sea on fishing expeditions taught her a few things about flavor and expediency, (which came in handy later on in her career as a caterer).  After dayboats, she jumped to small sport-fishing yachts, preparing round the clock meals for 4-6 passengers out on their Blue Marlin adventures. She made her home in San Diego three months out of the year, and the other nine she was out docking off the tip of Baja, at Cabo San Lucas (Cabo San Lucas!) Susie met her husband, Chris, in San Diego, who worked on a different boat at the time, and soon the sea faring duo were working in tandem, steering and stirring the oceans together...

                                                                    photo courtesy: Animal Photos

Luckily, Susie is now on board at The Paris Market, delivering food delights daily, trying out recipes in our cookbooks, giving cooking classes and giving us all that occasional tip that can so often make or break a dish. I did one of her cooking classes in May and they are a lot of fun. And very tasty.

Today, she brought in blueberry and lemon zest scones, baked fresh this morning, which I was seriously thinking about last night in anticipation. They were a real treat - fresh blueberries gave the perfect amount of sweetness, the lemon zest, a nice mellow twang; and the texture and taste was just right with my morning coffee.

 So come on over, the scones are ready and the coffee made...
For the recipe: Ginger Scones by Nancy Silverton from the La Brea Bakery in LA

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