Postcards from Paris: { v e r s a i l l e s: feeling royal }

It baffles me how I've lived in Paris for a year without indulging in a trip through the Chateau of Versailles. I can't really decide the reason for keeping me away. Perhaps it was the thought of having to journey via the RER, or the unlikely possibility that it would seem overrated. I knew Versailles had a slim-to-none chance that it would fail to live up to it's expectations, but something was keeping me away. Regardless of the reasons, I was in the company of an old friend who wanted to go, and I had no reason not to join. We blended in with the other tourists who hopped on the RER C. We had our cameras and raincoats, and were ready to snap away. Versailles, upon arrival was immediately impressive. It was a matter of entering until I felt overwhelmed with the possible photographs. There are so many details to capture. Gold embellishments, intricate molding that almost seemed edible, portraits of The Sun King made a regular appearance throughout, chandeliers that sparkled amongst the other glittering elements. The difficulty did not lie on getting a beautiful shot, but getting a shot without other intrigued observers lingering through. Not surprisingly, the palace was foot-traffic heavy, with two things in common; curiosity and cameras.
As we slowly glided through the various rooms, one could hardly avoid imagining a life lived within these walls. To think of each ornate, gilded-gold detail becoming lost in routine seems almost tragic, and I think I'd rather be grouped in with the awed-eyed tourists than to live life in a palace with lost appreciation. It's a curious thing how atmospheres either more grand or less grand, make one appreciate the simple things we already have in our lives.
During our walk back to the RER, we all seemed royal for a day.

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lauren said...

Oh I want to go back for another visit now! Thanks for refreshing my memory of beautiful Versailles. So gorgeous, I will always remember the L'Orangerie too. I loved that little nook at Versailles