Introducing Lettie Briggs Letterpress!

 make it beautiful with Letterpress
Monica Lynch, Graphic designer and Paris Marketeer has set up shop downstairs and is working her letterpress to many creative ends just for you and me. I'll be buying some things later today actually, before they get snatched up. She's letterpressing letters, words, images (some seriously vintage) on colored paper, old book pages, (and you can bring in your own papers too) to make cards, notes, tiny tags, placecards, and pins. 
     Monica's press and some of her letterpress offerings below:

And don't forget you can rummage through our letterpress drawers to find something you like too. 
Monica can do letterpress on smooth or toothy papers, and print whatever you like. So come on downstairs, get loose, get inspired and go home with something unique and special to you! (or someone you like) ---by the way that is a very cute gift! You will get alot of points!
So come on over already and get some cool little things from Lettie Briggs Letterpress (we're talking around $2!!!) and where else can you have fun like this?

You can also check out these luxe books on luscious letterpress and logo design available in store and on our website: www.parismarket.com

or click the book to go directly to it.



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lettie briggs is a bully!

Anonymous said...

no she isn't, lettie briggs is a cutie.

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

I love Lettie Briggs a.k.a. Monica....you go girl!