Postcards from Paris: {La Vie en Rose or Think Pink}

 This weather has been rather unusual from the past summers I have ever had. I think this has possibly been the most moderate, temperature-wise. Umbrellas have replaced sunglasses. Yet grey skies can't prevent me from noticing the settle highlights of pink. In fact, perhaps it's because of these grey skies that pink seems more pleasant, like a warming blush.
Yesterday, as I was strolling through the city I noticed that I had matched my own observations through my apparel. I find that it takes a morning with high levels of confidence to try and pull off color in this town. These days I normally result in draping myself in black and calling it good.
I think the "blending in with ones' surroundings" rings true to me. I find that I take on color more confidently while I am stateside. Perhaps this observation is preparation for my U.S. return next week. Even while compiling this, I've opted out of listening to Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose to listen to Louis Armstrong's version. I suppose that's what a little bit of homesickness can do to a girl; pink over black; English versions over originals. Sheesh.
I never thought I'd admit to this, but I am missing Savannah's heat and humidity.
 Just a little bit.


lauren said...

yes, I can understand your homesickness - Home is home!
also, love your photos, esp the top 3, really gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

just wait til you get here!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty site!

kirsten sparenborg said...

sweet. shall we wear a bit of pink next week?