A Few of Our Favorite Things

 A Few of our Favorite Things
Christina Giddens

Store manager, photographer and the go-to-girl for all things Paris Market, Christina holds the happy but swirling storm of people, places, things and ideas calmly in the palm of her hand -- focusing our fun loving energies into the creative force that is The Paris Market. And here are a few of her favorite things:

1. Folding metal chandelier, 2. Paper Illusions, The Art of Isabelle Borchgrave, 3. cleaning tools: horsehair handbrush, petite dot duster, goat hair furniture brush, 4. Mounted butterflies in vintage wood frame, 5. Lady Gray Metal Box, 6. Letter from Airman postmarked 1945, 7. old Belgium schoolbooks; vintage stamps, 8. Silverized glass pharmacy jar, 9. Dry goods jar, 10. oil painting from France, 11. floral chintz china saucer.
what are a few of your favorite things?

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Macon said...

Christina! Ha - I love the Paris Market and follow the blog and was like, wait a minute I know her! Didn't know you worked there - how lovely! I'm in Brooklyn but will stop by next time I'm in GA! Hope all is well! xo Macon