Playing Favorites

We’re starting a new weekly segment on the blog called “A Few of our Favorite Things”
Each week a different Paris Marketeer will share their favorite things in the store. Everyone is clamoring to go next because they don’t want anyone else taking “their” favorites first! It will be interesting to see what people are loving and coveting on a weekly basis and it’s a fun way to give everyone a nice fat cross section of the store. Enjoy mes amis!
 A Few of our Favorite Things
Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Kelsey Garrity-Riley is up first. Paris Marketeer, Painter, Illustrator, Sewer of giant bunnies and small dolls, you name it, this girl is a creative wunderkind. And here are a few of her favorite things:

1. Tartine,( amazing sweets. cakes and pastry cookbook) 2. Marzipan fruit Glass Coasters 3. Colored tape, 4. Mary of the Sacred Heart Statue 5. Long handle tasting spoon, 6. Ceramic measuring cups in 4oz and 16oz, 7. Cast iron vases, 8. Vintage 1 liter bottle, 9 & 10. Glass oval oxen trays, 11. Get Well Soon Card, 12. Beef diagram postcard, 13. Vintage linen flour sack (folded for picture), 14. super-adorable knitted elephant doll, 15. Tocca "Stella" Travel Candle, 16. Tocca "Bianca" eau de parfum 17. Low Country Luxe Belle candle, 18. Organic cotton baby romper, 19. Swiss army dog vest, 20. 14" Scissors

What are a few of your favorite things?

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Reba Baggett said...

I love everything! I look forward to seeing what the others' favorites are.
Happy Bastille Day!