Postcards from Paris: {Ne t'inquiète pas, je suis en vacances.}

I realize it's been quite sometime since I've corresponded, and perhaps you've thought I've gone for good. The thing with vacances, and for sometime after, the feeling of lazy days seem to linger. Though I've returned to Paris for more time than I can admit to, the relaxing days days spent down south wouldn't leave my system.
Activites are so often governed by internet access, I had forgotten that vacation is so much more enjoyed when one forgets their online-obligations.
I spent only a couple of days in the south of France, with a dear friend, who was also a co-worker from The Paris Market. She would show an exuberant amount of patience with my French-language questions, and slow speaking American-accent back in Savannah.
What a joy it was seeing her in her homesetting.
She showed me the scenes of the south, and shared her Provence with me.
I find myself in a constant state of comparing and contrasting, though I'd hardly say it's a positive trait, it is in fact, an entertaining one. I had spent some time in Provence before, and I had yet to know Paris as I do now, so the similarities and differences seemed more apparent during this visit. Immediately upon arriving off the train, it felt like vacation. The sky blue and the sun shining, the atmosphere was still "French" but with a different sense of ease and relaxation. With monochromatic villages that blend in with the landscape overlooking the Mediterranean sea,which was tinted turquoise and completely transparent, the gray-toned palette of Paris seemed distant.
But after one travels, sees new sights, tastes new food, returning home seems to hold it's own sense of ease and relaxtion.
Oh France, what lovely diversity you have.