Tied up in Twine

One of our favorite new additions at the store is this lovely twine! Its Italian, 100% cotton and comes in red, green and blue.
Just in time for all of those summer occasions (if you are like me, the next few months are packed full of weddings, baby showers and birthdays... ) These add a simple, but sweet flair to gifts of all shapes and sizes. Just incase the event calls for a little something extra, here are a few more parings that these little ribbons go oh so well with.

 1. Handmade flower  2.Chic-o-sticks  3. Round enamel letter 

I'm using these as a little reminder for all those important dates that seem to slip by, I WILL remember those birthdays! and I will send a little something in the mail...

Perhaps embellished with our colorful tape rolls....

Or accompanied with a sweet note on one of our letterpressed-in-house tags (more news on Lettie Briggs to come!)

 4.Box set of thank you cards  5. Birthday book of names + Tiny figurines  6. Lettie Briggs tag 7. Small porcelain hand 8. Color tape rolls 9. wood block letters

Whatever the reason or project may be... the posibilites are endless, and the little embellishments are always worth the effort. How far will 3 yards take you?

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chompie said...

these are such great ideas! I love the candy bow and the porcelain hand is really cool too.