Thinking Inside the Box: Places for your Treasures

I'm all for creative thinking, but there are those times when you want to stay inside the box. Here is a smattering of our selection for your little treasures...old subway tokens, ticket stubs, writing spurts, books you WILL get to, scribbles of new inventions, favorite rocks and bones, photos of friends and lovers taken on the fly. Maybe this little red and blue box (2) just for your passport? 
Either way, boxes / trunks can be like little time machines, keeping all our fond memories safe and warm for when we want to relive them once more. Maybe its time to start a new box in your life? Or start one for a friend with all you've shared together? Why not push the scrapbook paradigm a little further and give a scrapbox as a gift instead of a scrapbook?
1. Hand-painted Lunchbox, 2. Recycled Paper Boxes, small and large, 3. Leather numbered Box, 4. Wood and metal chest, 5. Vintage perfume box from India, 6. Perforated furniture cube, 7. Metal Stacking Trunks

Happy Treasuring!

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ArchDC said...

Vintage boxes as always fun to store things in. That way you do not have to worry about burying your storage in a closet somewhere.