Polaroids from Paris: {Deyrolle, L'Art de la Taxidermie}

"Who else has chickens, We Do!"

Along the rue du Bac on the left bank, there resides the great taxidermy salon Deyrolle. Originally owned by Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, Emile, the grandson eventually took over.
Although, the salon/store/museum went through a severe fire, the collection remains vast and intriguing.
To look a polar bear in the eye, to be face to face with an enormous yak, and to measure height next to a giraffe can be rather exhilarating. Though it may be controversial, I look at it from a learning perspective, with an eye of fascination and appreciation.

46 rue de Bac
75007 Paris, France



Kelsey said...

I think i I could live in there, I would. SO amazing.

Anonymous said...

That zebra is wearing my pajamas!