Polaroids from Paris: {Initially Intimidating Italian}

Ristorante Premiata Drogheria Di Meglio
90, rue Legendre
75017 Paris
I wanted to wait until I had someone with me before I went in to eat at this place. The honest truth is that I was really intimidated by the entire scene inside. The front facade is this pretty little shade of green, almost like sea-foam, and all of the font on the menus is in this elaborate Italian-esque script. It appeared to be like a little secret, as if the only people who dine there are family members and close friends. I felt as though I couldn't just walk in and be their friend. So I figured I needed a plan. My plan was to bring my friend Renee. She knows more french than I do, and has a pretty cute laugh. So if we mess up together we could just go about laughing the whole thing off or something like that. Even she seemed a little intimidated, but we decided that we would just walk in and see how we felt immediately. If we got an awkward vibe we would ditch the scene, if we were welcomed we would embrace it. Sure enough we were welcomed. Our basket was always refilled with bread, and the folks loved us. The owner, so he seemed, loved to talk in English with us, but he seemed modest about it.
The woman, his side-kick, wanted us to guess her age, and tell her how good she looked, and all that jazz. She was older than we guessed, but of course, you guessed that.
And at the end of the meal they kept on offering little treats.
The whole experience was like visiting your friend's Italian grand-parents. Initially intimidating, but food makes it all good.


Elizabeth said...

The food looks pretty tempting. Do you ever have guest bloggers?

Kelsey said...


betsy said...

What a dream city! Imagine walking out on a rainy evening just to look into the windows, and finding this little market. Imagine you had no plans for dinner- Until you walked into this shop! And then you had a dozen ideas about what you could cook- How I wish there was thie depth of civilization where I live-

Emily said...

oh my oh my. If it were me, I would frequent this place for the pasta people drawings alone....but yum.