Polaroids from Paris: {éléments de la vie domestique}

 During my last trip to Savannah, I frequented the store often, and caught myself continuously browsing through a book we had in stock at the time; The Selby.
I think ever since I was young I enjoyed looking at other people's residences. It may stem from instances my mother and I would visit model homes. I remember driving distances with her just to take a look through decorated homes. During the series of interviews I went through in order to find the ideal French family to work for, I scheduled as many interviews as possible. Yes, to allow for some options and to better my chance for employment, but also for the opportunity to look in people's homes. It brings me joy and inspiration. With that, I decided as I am settling back in Paris I wanted to document a few corners of my residence. Some objects may seem familiar from past posts and some are recent treasures from Christmas.



Kelsey said...

Agh!!! i love this all so much! my favorite thing is seing these treasures neatly lined up! I'm feeling on top of the world because I spent all day cleaning and mildly rearanging our room. Its so nice to have favorite things tidied up.love you.

Reba Baggett said...

Dear Kelsey,
I know, I know!
The result after unpacking and organizing has been one of the most satisfying feelings to the new year. Looking forward to seeing your arrangements, via your blog.