Polaroids from Paris: {Avoiding the Creeps at the Creperie}

During my studies abroad in Lacoste, France; we took a small trip up to Paris for a few days. It was the first time I had gone to Paris. I remember my dad responding to an email which I admitted in eating too many crepes. He wrote, "A crepe a day keeps the creeps away." I thought it was clever. Not only did it seem to justify my spending, it also made me feel at ease in a foreign international city. As if, I would avoid any creepy situation only if I had indulged in a crepe. After reading his words of wisdom, I remember sharing the advice to a specific guilt-burdened friend. Her response was something like, "good, because I've been eating way more than one crepe a day, so does that mean I'm extra safe from the creeps?"
It's exactly what I did for dinner last night, avoided any encounter with a possible creep, and took my dad's advice. My friend Renee treated me to a belated-birthday dinner. I had spotted this Creperie when I first moved to the Batignolles area. I was charmed by it's exterior right off the bat. Not only did we satisfy our cravings with one crepe, we both ate two.

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