Polaroids from Paris: {soldes, soldes, soldes!}

The Sales are everywhere! 
The entire city is filled with them.
The country even.
I try and stick to my agenda each time I go out to run my errands, especially when my errands fall near some of my favorite shops. I find that the minute I use the one excuse to just see what my temptations are, I seem to make more excuses than just that one after I go in and take a look. Things like, well I don't own shoes that color or that seems like a classic design that will take me all the way through summer. You know along the lines of those sort of things. It can feel like that price tag is very manipulative by revealing the price it was initially, and then the price you would have to pay. I really feel like that is my downfall. My friend talks herself out of it by repeating to herself that she doesn't want these rejected items. She feels that the things on sale are only things other people with money have rejected. But that just doesn't work with me. 
Just gotta stick to my agenda.

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