Polaroids from Paris: {Place des Vosges}

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend. I was surprised with the blue skies we had in Paris. There was a glimpse of warmth in the air, and one could almost have been fooled to think that an early spring was on it's way.  An activity that I never tire of would have to be sitting in the Place des Vosges, ideally with a falafel in hand. No matter the season, I find such satisfaction while sitting surrounded by such a scene. Place des Vosges centered in Le Marais hosted Victor Hugo for a period of time, and is supposedly the oldest planned square in the city of Paris. The architecture appeals to me because it's constructed with bricks. It's rare to see buildings with bricks in the city, and I find myself automatically appreciating any brick structure within the first few moments my eyes catch glimpse of one. Though it's said that brick was for the poorer man, I honestly find the brick palace surrounding Place des Vosges to be one of the most elegant in all of Paris.
I have a distinct memory of my first time in Paris surrounding the square; it was of creme brulee and people watching. Mostly now I rely on a falafel to satisfy my hunger, but the people watching is still the best in that little square of Place des Vosges.

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