Polaroids from Paris: {une calme promenade}

Soldes begins next week. All of the price mark-downs appearing through the shop-windows and the assorted colored tags that mark off a certain percentage will all look so appealing. I know I will be tempted, and I've already got a shoe store in mind. As for today there seemed to be a calmness to my stroll. Last time I took to a long walk it was during Christmas shopping. There were so many people out and about checking off their Christmas lists. I have a feeling that next week may be similar, but as for this week there was space.
 I just strolled and window shopped. I re-walked along some of my favorite routes in this city that I've walked several times before, and I simply just took my time. I was fortunate to have this week off. I made no strict timelines for my days. If I could continue along in this pace for just a bit longer I would.
I hope that everyone had a happy first week to this happy new year. There are so many wonderful things to look forward to and enjoy.
Bon week-end

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