Polaroids from Paris: {Public Displays of Affection}

Perhaps this is not the obvious display of affection, especially from Paris. Though there is a bountiful amount of expected P.D.A in Paris, it is after all the city of love. I want to steer away from that notion and draw particular attention to some public displays that may be arguably be signs of affection towards the city. In fact one may argue that defacing the beautiful, historic architecture of Haussman is a sign of disrespect, and in a sense I agree. I don't care much for graffiti without any concept. I notice frivolous markings every so often, and I don't really get it. It's as though those markings surfaced purely out of boredom.
But this guy Invader, seems to have some intention in mind. Perhaps it stems from boredom, but at least it offers more, a sense of entertainment. So it may not be because he loves his city and wants to embellish the architecture. Maybe it is purely a self-centered expression, but from my viewpoint, anything that adds a little quirk to my surroundings is alright by me.

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