Polaroids from Paris: {From France to Georgia}

Making their selves a place somewhere at The Paris Market, are these old wartime newspapers I found while on holiday. The format of each one is large and rather dense of the current happenings in France from the early 1900's. There are many stories surrounding the World War that was occurring at the time. It's a rather curious thing to consider the way media once was, and compare it to how it is now.
After flipping through one in particular, I was actually shocked by the level of censorship. It was amazing to see what had been printed back then in order to show the reader the actuality of the events.
I also find myself constantly intrigued by old books and old paper. Worn and yellow, with softer edges which decrease the possibility of paper-cuts. I love the scent the glue takes on. The scent of antiquity.
So if any of you are in Savannah.
Check 'em out. 

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