Polaroids from Paris: {Summing up Germany}

My time was spent well. Simple moments of easy relaxation that were appreciated while also looking forward to the next home-cooked meal. I feel spoiled that I was able to surround myself with such wonderful people, and as an embellishment, good food for every meal. I was a little anxious packing up to return to Paris. It can be difficult to realize that such comforting phases in our lives can be temporary.
I was surprised to be warmly welcomed by Paris. 
The city felt friendly and familiar as I walked through Gare de l'Est realizing that this town is my home. My own. After that realization the weight of my treasure-filled luggage seemed a bit burdensome, and my blistered palms were at their limit, I decided that a taxi ride would be a worthwhile transport back home. 
Another realization surfaced, as I considered the commute from one destination to another to be a time for contemplation. My New Year's resolutions were finalized, and the memories from my time in Germany burned deeper and deeper in my membrane, and my hopes are that those moments will be lasting stains.
Another cheers for a Happy New Year!


(Photo credit given to Kelsey and Erik)

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