Attention Book Lovers: We got the good stuff.

Just thought I'd share with you some of our latest updates...
 It has lots more room...for lots more books.

Books can be such sweet little indulgences and we have a particularly sweet selection, some titles
reveling in human endeavors, others celebrating personality, some imparting fashion or showcasing tranquil living environments (yes, please) and others, the simple and joyful quest for beauty. Even with computers and kindle, everyone still loves to sit with a book and see what's inside and escape to another world with new viewpoints and ideas previously unconsidered. ahh.
We also have this delightful and creative coloring book, which I'm seriously going to get.
Great for kids of course, but robust and loose enough for adults. Come take a look!
(you're never too old to color)

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Anonymous said...

Nice, I can always use a new book. Can't wait to stop by and check them out!