Summer Reading: some good picks...

                             ***  Summer Reading List  ***                             

What to bring for BBQ / Family Reunion

When you need to do over a room...or a house.

When your wardrobe needs a boost, or you want to see what
people are REALLY wearing on the streets of Milan.

What to have at the beach house:

Fresh off the press inspiration for your creative projects:

More like a food almanac - a serious text you can just loll about in...
Ms. Deen talks about a sleeping porch in this one!

Something you may want to give to your significant other:
(I met the author actually, a charming and gallant fellow)


What to give those "superior people" in your life. You know, the ones
who are always one-upping you in everyday banter.  
Or keep it for yourself and start one-upping them!

Great Cookbook of Southern Delights! 
Beautifully layed out - simple & straightforward 
yet with all the charm you would expect.

Grab a coffee and enjoy the selection...

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