Bring on the Babies: our beyond cute baby department

Baby Bambino Bébé Baby Bambino Bébé Baby Bambino Bébé Baby Bambino Bébé
So, my best buddy from New York is having a baby in October – and I'll be doing all my shopping for the little bambino here of course. The amount of cute things we have for babies and little ones here is ridiculous. And the cuteness level is intense. I bought one of these clowns for her when I found out she was expecting. And this tiny little mouse in a box that comes with his own blanket. Those little guys sold out quickly.

Here's a few more shots of how you can go nuts here:

games, suitcases, fabric butterflies and other little friends:


precious and evocative original paintings by Kelsey Garrity-Riley exclusive to Paris Market


new arrivals for summer:

and cute stuff for boys (which can be hard to find)

and a cute little bag made entirely of ribbons you can't find anywhere else:

I kept trying to name the baby last night over the phone. “What about Rocco? What about Michael” She’s really more in the Masterpiece theatre vein of names, like Henry and James and Oliver and Benjamin. “How about Paolino or Lucas?” I asked. Finally she stopped me, “Lauren, we could go on like this all night.” So true. I really could go on forever -I love naming things and thinking about names and how they sound and what would be the perfect names for pets... I would have made a swell Eve, but I would have felt guilty about nothing.
As a kid I thought each name I gave an animal or a doll had to be totally original and exclusive. I must have thought I was naming souls. I had some real interesting names for my little buddies –Bacie (soft “c”) was a hard plastic doll that you could move the arms and legs and have her sit next to you watching cartoons. Then there was Peacie, a small little doll who had a revolving dollhouse. For my cabbage patch doll I liked the name Melody so much I didn’t care that it was already in use, thereby shattering my perfect record of originality. All this is to say that we have a great stuffed (knitted!) animal section too. And I’ve named everybody in it.
This is Mushaboom and Carrie - they're always making jokes

Russel and Evander hanging out.

 This is Carole, she's always late on Mondays, but she is a fantastic Barista.

This is Claus Frederick. He helped me change a tire once.

naptime: all our knitted friends work hard and play hard.

See you in the baby section...


Sally Jenkins said...

Wow! Just in time for all those summer birthdays. And I know someone who would love to hang out with Russel and Evander!

brett said...

Love these items! Will have to make a special trip down soon (from Atl) to check out the new baby finds!