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My property manager once wisely imparted to me that I would never get rid of all the bugs in Savannah. He made this remark during a flea infestation in my apartment that quickly found its way into my car. I was a livid little lunatic ready to buy DEET off the black market. Just watch me, I thought. Anyway, he was right. I will never get rid of all the bugs in Savannah. BUT, I can appreciate the little buggers trapped in lucite. Haha bugs!
And by the way, I REALLY never expected to hear cockroaches scuttling underfoot in the dark on my way through the squares at night. And I thought they were faster. I have seen the occasional smashed cockroach on the bluestone walkways, crunching a few myself. 
I often hear that cockroaches will survive a nuclear holocaust, and how invincible they are, yaddy yaddy, but not all of them have survived my cat, Sunny Bear. He usually doesn’t just play and toy with his prey like so many cats I used to know. He has a very straightforward approach to life in that he stalks, kills, and consumes. But those cockroaches were different.  I used to find them stuffed under his bed. I’d imagined him killing them and then saying “oh great, now how do I eat this gross thing? Sometimes I wonder how he did it – the bodies were dead, but intact. Did he press down hard with his pillow and suffocate them? Every so often I had go into his sleeping location and peel back the cushion just to see who was post-mortem.  I was like a mom looking for dirty socks, but I was so proud.
By the way, we have this cockroach and many more creepy critters trapped in lucite for your morbid pleasure.

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love this article! Funny and so real...