Wild Things you Make my Heart Sing

So, I'm still on my "wild" kick that Marnie Weber ignited last week.

In addition to Marnie Weber, I also really like this guy: Spike Jonze,

He directed the 2009 movie, “Where the Wild Things Are.” based on / inspired by the classic book of the same name by Maurice Sendak. I know it's not in theaters anymore and that it premiered a few years ago, but I still occasionally think about those wild creatures…and those cool little villages the wild things made out of pencils. sigh. It really captured a certain melancholic disturbing beauty about childhood. Art kids everywhere loved this movie.

Here's a shot from the movie, great costume translation into film don't you think?

I like thinking about all those quirky, weird, and wild psychological aspects of people's personas. My painting teacher referred to this visually as "the odd thing that works" All these wild things within us -they really are like little gremlins with their own sense of style and purpose.

A few of my favorite "wild things" in the store:

Stick Mirror - reminds me of the pencil village scenes in the film
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Wing Earrings - sleek, unfettered and free. 
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Bee Skeps!!! -these are like mini versions of what the wild things lived in.

God bless the wild things within us!

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Sally Jenkins said...

Hopefully we can all still connect with a bit of the "Wild Things" left within us.