Happy Father's Day: Let's go shopping for Dad...

Very few Dad’s like to go shopping, so we can have fun for them…
 These are my picks for Dad:

(1. Bug in lucite  2. Eau de Senteur  3. Body Cleanser  4. Shot Glass  5. Vintage Flashlight  6. Finger Sponge  7. Pipe Case  8. Matches  9. Gypsum Spikes  10. Turtle Shell  11. Growth (te neues) 12. Pearl Picture Frame  13. Advice Tray  14. Kodak Brownie)
If you gave a man a bag of everything he needed to build a car, he would dive in and complete it in no time. But if you gave a man a picture frame he would have absolutely no idea what to do with it. So, put a picture of yourself in it and he’ll get it! The message in his brain will be something like “Oh, a picture of my child, that’s different. It stands up, so maybe I should put it on my desk” He’ll put it on his desk and you’ll be happy…
 (your picture here for Dad)

-but look, you can’t pull this picture frame trick every year! (that's just narcissistic)

If your Dad is a man’s man, he’s probably pretty stinky most of the time. I suggest this:
He’ll think. “Oh, body cleanser. What is this? Oh, hang on, I may have read an article about this somewhere.” He’ll think its funny you bought him soap, you’ll mistake his smile for gratefulness and you’ll be happy.

moving on...
For a young, sexy Dad that you're currently in cahoots with, I suggest this Smell Good Daily Tonic. It's Eau de Senteur – in Vetiver. Yum yum yum. This is the fragrance equivalent of electronics – you can’t go wrong! The olfactory sense is extremely powerful and I bet a lot of men could become daddies wearing this!

My feeling towards men is that they have always been very onward and upward. Haha.
If I could re-name Man, I would name him Homo Sapiens Excelsior. So if your Dad has that spirit, I suggest this book entitled Growth. Vibrant photographs narrating the positives and negatives of unbridled growth. These photographs make you feel, but they also make you think.

Speaking of photographs, if your Dad is into photography, we have a really cool assortment of ambrotypes, glass negatives and vintage cameras like this classic Brownie.

I love this flashlight for Dad. Dad’s are all about flashlights, jumper cables and the emergency $20 in the glove compartment. God bless ‘em!

Is your Dad a smoker? May I suggest a pipe case and some matches. Guys like matches, because they can start fires with them.
Of course Dad can always use a nice tray to throw his keys and loose change in. Personally, I like the advice tray. Dad's love to give it, but they hate taking it. It's okay, Dad. I don't like take taking advice either. But you knew that.

Most Dads also like things you can find in nature. Like the awesome turtle shell above. Or a bug.

My Dad always released the spiders in our house back into the backyard which drove my Mom crazy, who enjoyed sending them into their next life with a quick smack of her slipper. Sometimes where Mom’s are ruthless, Dad’s can be gentle. Sort of:

Oh and of course…Dad probably deserves a shot or two of something. Right?

Yes, c'mon. Dad deserves it.



Sally Jenkins said...

Just in time! I was still looking for that Father's Day gift. Hmm.. A special shot glass and some nice bourbon What a great idea!

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Sally, of course! a shot glass with bourbon is a great gift for Dad!