Here’s to the wild ones: Marnie Weber

I saw these cool wooden noses upstairs the other day, and along with all our beads and charms, it got me thinking about costumes and puppets, stories, archetypes and all that kind of thing - and how you really CAN go wherever you want with creativity. Its not really a two dimensional blank page, which stares back at you blankly, its more like an ephemeral cloud of possibility enveloping you or stretching out before you -and your process informs the ideas as much as your ideas lay out the form. It’s a good incentive to not get “too rigid", - the heartbreaking downfall of so many in our culture.

Marnie Weber is a new fascination of mine. 
She does all kinds of sculpture and puppets and costume
and performance pieces along with film, video and collages.


Some collages from her Dollhouse series:

This is a great video of Ms. Weber talking about her work, and what it feels like to create such things, and that yes, as an artist, sometimes it takes a few years before you come into your own and hit your stride. Maybe we all realize that making mistakes isn’t the worst thing in the world – especially in the fluid, magical world of creation. Watch it till the end where she talks about the "fantasy white bear" (!)

We have a little bit of the weird and the fantasy here at Paris Market - the raw materials to create cool and magical worlds perhaps tipping just slightly over the edge...

You could start with the noses...

then check out the hands...

pick out the perfect terracotta mossy mushroom,

and check out the birdies too:

And where else are you going to find a dough bowl of "assorted bones" (?) seriously.

or a crate of antlers.

Pick up a pair of boots for those weird beings you'll make.

And go nuts in our photography section - these make for awesome collages. There's all sorts of great images in the crates downstairs. They're also only about a buck to ten bucks a piece.

oh and you'll need a giant scissors for it all too:

Happy Creation!


Adriana Iris said...

i just love your store it makes me happy when i am stuck and need inspiration i have posts with your items and refer my readers to visit you.

Skate clothing said...

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ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Thanks Adriana! We love hearing that we inspire people. That is really the whole raison d'etre behind The Paris Market. Inspiration is a powerful force; its the beauty of life, really.