Linen (and cotton) Lovefest

We just got these bags in this week - a delightful outcome from our shopping foray at the New York Stationary Show. See, we did manage to get some work done in NYC!
Anyway, I’m a little in love and maybe overexcited about them; though not really, cause they really are THAT nice. 100% linen with handsome leather straps- totally perfect for summer when you need something light and chic.

 My favorite is the Recess bag.

You can buy them at our site too! 
---> http://www.theparismarket.com/category/accessories-jewelry <---
We also just got in these super cool give wraps and give bags. They're great for when you have an oddly shaped present or for when you have a few things and you're in a hurry. And maybe (like me) you're just tired of the obnoxious collection of shiny paper gift bags you have in a closet somewhere. 
Another reason to love these is that you can keep on using them; use them again for another present, use it as a laundry or travel bag in your suitcase, sew it up into a pillowcase etc.  I love when things can be used over and over again for many different things. True recycling! This seems to be true of all those honest, classic materials that designers and artists fall in love with time after time- glass, wood, metal, fabric...
Give Bags:


 Give Wraps: just knot it up or tie a ribbon to cinch it!

 Happy Giving!

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