Monday Munchies: Lunch Jars!

Start the week off fresh and uncluttered - with a return to simpler times...

                                                                               photo by Denise J.

Why not take a cue from the simplicity of the lunch pail and apply it to a beautiful glass jar for déjeuner!

                                                                                              photo: southern living

Keep your edibles fresh, secure and toxin free in a glass jar!
Can't you imagine how great it would be to stuff a glass jar with your favorite salad
pour some dressing in there come lunchtime and shake it up fresh? Ah, c'est simple!

more ideas:
The jars are great for anything from fruit, mashing up a mohito, 
making sangria, special vinegars and salad dressings...

                                                                               photo: Storey Publishing

                                                                                            photo: Herb Companion

The tall bottles are also great for your own salad dressings, toting your favorite Italian soda, or even for keeping bath salts, your favorite toner, or blending your own perfumes...the list is endless. 

                                                                                   photo: PilotGirl / Courtesy of Flickr

So, come take a look at our great new  
collection of glass jars and bottles! 

We have everything from baby food size jars to long elegant tall bottles 
with a swing top gasket to keep things secure and spill-free. 

                                                                                                     Moresca Bottle (34oz @ $6)
                                                                            Flask (8.5 oz @ $6, 17oz @ $7.50)

                                                 Swing top bottle (8.5oz @ $4.75, 17oz @ $5.50)

Glass is so easy to clean and repurpose and the purity of the material can't be beat. 
You won't ever want to get rid of these.