Postcards from Paris: {Mmm..Ça sent bon.}

Middle image taken by Christopher Rennie
 I can't bring myself to throw out my empty bottles of perfume bottles. I store them in a small leather bag on my bookshelf. It's not everyday that I come across my little collection, but when the occasion arises and I find myself inhaling the remaining essences left from their pretty little bottles, I am immediately transported to that phase of my life where each day I would spray on that scent. What a wonder it is that a distinct smell can be a time-machine, taking one back to the small memories made years ago.
I just finished Patrick 
Süskind's novel Perfume. Throughout reading it has sparked an urge to visit the Parfumeries in Paris. There are a couple of Herboristeries I have noticed around my neighborhood, who seem to still offer the charm of specificity in scents. I struck up a conversation with a white-haired woman behind the counter, who wore delicate gold-wired glasses, the type that look as though they are wrapped entirely around the ears. I asked her questions that may very well only pertain to that of a professional Perfumer, but she seemed eager to answer. She explained the importance of Le Nez, and the skill of picking apart the individual scent from the compiled essence. As an Herb Specialiste, she continued that certain scents have medicinal benefits, thus the term Aromatherapy. The scent of Rosemary can be a de-stresser, a small wiff of cinnamon apparently can help with Asthma, and can give a spark of energy, while Lavender soothes.And yet, each of the aromas brought back certain memories of my own.
I thought, "well the scent of Lavender reminds me of Provence, while Chanel's Chance reminds me of Paris."

The Paris Market has itself a little spot in the back for those ready to take on a new scent.
Fresh's Cannabis-Santal makes me think of Autumn.
Tocca's Giullieta reminds me of Spring.
Cleopatra always brings me to thoughts of Summer.



lauren said...

You're so right, Reba. The scents just bring you back. I am usually so picky about perfume, but I am loving the Sake perfume by Fresh. I mean, I am a little obsessed, saving up for a bottle. For now I have an old standby that I wore when I was a senior in highschool - and it does give me that sense of the next adventure coming up...of course I also love Chance.

Reba Baggett said...

Lauren, you can't go wrong with Sake. That's a nice one to splurge on. Does the one you wear now remind you of high school prom?

Kelsey said...

I love this so much!!!
Chanel Chance in the hotel room in Paris the first time we went- with the bathroom full of fresh flowers, and the radiator that wouldnt turn off.
Lavender from the monks at Notre Dame de la Senanque.(?) where they were burning the old branches. and lavender taffy of course.