Things we'll miss: Objects d'Art taking their leave of us

We have alot of things here at The Paris Market that we really like and we really get attached to. They become a real presence in our daily doings around here, and then someone else falls in love with them too, and they go away. Here are a few things that “went” recently that we'll miss:
Yes, the enormous chandelier over the register was recently purchased. Its been there to gallantly greet us as we walked in the door every morning and to set the mood.

The Brickmaker's table also took its leave of us last week (sniff, sniff.)
-those creamy white chairs did too.

And the old X-ray machine got picked up yesterday.


This also sold a few months ago and I still miss it. What a classic. I almost bought it for my cat to drive around in but you know how it is around here - if you don't strike while the iron is hot...

Shopping The Paris Market: Those who hesitate are lost!

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