Postcards from Paris: {Un regard sur la ville de Kiev}

I have just returned to Paris from a little weekend trip to the Ukranian city of Kyiv. Though my time there was short, I came back with a load of photographs taken. I was there for a wedding, which was extraordinary, but today I wish to share some photographs taken around Independance Square and in between the beautiful churches of St. Sophia and St. Michael. Though Ukraine takes pride in it's independance since 1991 from the Soviet Union there are still some small reminders from that phase in history. What I found most exquisite were the beautiful golden embellished Eastern orthodox churches that sit royally across from eachother. Both having specific characteristics which seperate them from eachother, as well as defining elements that unite them. I must admit that living in Paris, I try to differentiate myself from being a tourist, but it can be rather an eye-opening experience sucombing to such touristic curiosities.


lauren said...

wow! beautiful churches and beautiful pictures. Something about blue and gold together that zips you right into the clouds

Kelsey said...

oooh! so exquisite!