Objects of Desire : New Jewelry Baubles

We can't deny how much it excites us to unpack new treasures that have come from all over the world. Some items will always remain a mystery as to their origin and use, but others we get to learn all about. Either way it's a thrilling experience seeing trinkets and artifacts that offer a tiny glimpse of another time and place. As with the case with our newly acquired collection of jewelry baubles, items that inspire creativity are especially exciting for us, which is why we wanted to share a few of our new favorite pieces! As beautiful as these objects are on their own, when intermixed with other pieces of jewelry they really stand out as the unique artifacts of history that they are. It's true we love creative projects, so anything that sparks our imagination is easy to gush over, but our new jewelry baubles are just too exciting not to share. With items like miniature pocket knives, religious medallions and police whistles, what's not to love? Stop by soon and see what pieces inspire your creativity!

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Curtains in My Tree said...

Love them all especially the siscors