Winter's Natural Beauty

With the holidays now already behind us and with nothing to look forward to but the no man's land of mid-winter, it becomes all too easy to feel gloomy towards the chilly days that lie ahead. One remedy we've found for keeping our spirits high is to put on our boots, bundle up and go for a stroll outside and forage for some natural beauty to bring into the home. It doesn't matter if it's a simple tree branch, a bundle of sticks, dried leaves or a handful of pinecones, adding a simple touch of nature around the house really helps liven the homestead and keeps the winter feeling fresh and beautiful. We've already gone ahead and displayed a little area of the store with all of our favorite brambles to tide us over until spring melts aways the stark, humdrum days of winter. Next time you're feeling a touch of the winter blues, remember there's nothing like bringing the outdoors inside to lift spirits up!

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