Posctards from Paris: { La Grande Epicerie and the season of Soldes }

For those who have gone grocery shopping at The Dean and Deluca in New York or even stopped by The Paris Market for a simple coffee one might notice is not really running a quick errand, but stopping for an experience. That's exactly what one would do deciding to shop at La Grande Epicerie in Paris. Classical music plays, and the fancy women's high heels click on the beautiful mosaic tiling on the floor while they fill wicker baskets full of lovely seasonal fruits and vegetables. The pomegranates set up next to litchis look like an exotic version of a dutch still-life. The black radish, carrots, and lettuce heads look exceptionally polished. Not only are the fruits and vegetables placed in a well-thought manner, but all of the products are carefully organised with design and special consideration. The egg section looks like an artist's installation, and seems as though there should be a small sign asking the museum viewer 'please don't touch' mais non, there's no such sign, and the grocery shoppers go on shopping. Bottles of water have their own designed section. At first passing I assumed they were imported bottles of Russian vodka, but only water. Not only water, but such an intensive selection varying from an inexpensive mineral water to sparkling water with gold flakes.
I stopped in La Grande Epicerie just as a mere distraction from all of the soldes, France's sales, which were launched last Wednesday. It's a big deal. People take days of work of to profite from the discounts. While the madness of trying on designer shoes, bags, coats, and perfumes was happening just next door at Le Bon Marché and everywhere else, I enjoyed the calm company of the produce.

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