Currently Inspired: All things Brass

When it comes to current obsessions, it should come as no surprise that we are infatuated with all things brass! Just take a brief stroll through the store and you'll see brass treasures of all kinds spread throughout all our displays. Of course nothing can compare to the beauty of gold, but brass possesses a certain old world charm, where the unique history of each item can be seen and felt right on its own surface. Depending on the age and use of each object, the tones of brass vary so greatly that it makes us even more drawn to it. Currently a treasure trove of brass, the jewelry bar may be our new favorite nook in the store, where it seems every wonderful brass charm you can think of (and then some) has decided to reside. The collection pictured above is just a fraction of our favorite charms that range all the way from bullet casings to tea strainers! With the holiday decor now out of the house, we need something to fill the voids and you better believe we've got our eyes set on filling those empty spaces with all things brass!

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