Vintage find of the Day : Croquet Mallets

Croquet is a game that has always appealed to us. Maybe it's the relaxed pace at which players typically play, or maybe it's the nostalgia we feel imagining Victorian dandies quietly competing in the English countryside. Whatever it may be, croquet has always intrigued us with its old-world romantic spirit. As winter is upon us with a forecast that is predicting snow, attempting to go outside to play a match or two is most definitely out of the question. However, as we've recently acquired a vintage set of mallets, we can't deny our excitement over the game has yet again been rekindled. Although we aren't certain on the exact origin and date of these mallets, they are undoubtedly one of our favorite new vintage finds. Just take a look at how beautiful they are! With each mallet possessing its own unique patina and sun faded colors, our longing for warmer weather and afternoons spent outdoors has only been intensified. If spring is still months away from now, then at least our croquet mallets will help keep us warm with all of their well-loved memories.

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