A Naturally Curious Collection

When it comes to natural curiosities, even in the dead of winter we can find beauty in almost anything. The the turn of seasons stripping nature bare by it cold temperatures and lack of sunlight adds a stark beauty that always appeals to us. When you start collecting natural curiosities in mid-winter you begin noticing a pattern. Nests left by birds as they begin their journey south, wood petrified from the passage of time, shells outgrown for larger homes and leaves that have turned and fallen to the ground. At first, such occurrences and discoveries can appear melancholic, however when you realize nature is simply at work, continuing on as it should, the beauty of cycles and times of transition becomes overwhelmingly apparent. And our current collection of curiosities only reinstates the wonderment and beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. Stop by soon and see the rest of our natural curiosities!

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