Lux Perpetua : The Mexican Votive Candle

When you work at a place like the Paris Market you suddenly begin learning a great deal about the products you carry. You learn the history of an item, its origin, how it's made, what it's made out of and so on. However, this gained insight is only true in cases where we feel an item really matches our store's aesthetic. Sadly, not all products possess the timeless quality that grants them such a permanent residence. Some items just happen to fall into current trends and as we all know, trends come and trends go. Which is why there are very few products that have the ability to really stick around, however, the ones that do have undoubtedly shaped the Paris Market into what it is today. One such item is our "Lux Perpetua" votive candles. Truly a Paris Market staple, these candles have always remained one of our favorite items. Slightly mysterious and timelessly beautiful, they are as intriguing as they are useful, which is the perfect combination for us to love!  Each candle is handmade in Mexico using a soft wax with a wax paper covering that says, "Lux Perpetua", or "Eternal Light". As the wax burns down, the paper remains in place causing the image to illuminate beautifully from within. After all these years, we can't imagine our store without these votive candles, as it wouldn't feel like the Paris Market without their "lux perpetua" shining throughout the store.

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