Daily Inspiration : { Julia Child's Kitchen }

Creating new displays in the store is easily on the top of our list of most exciting projects to work on. One of the most enjoyable aspects of displaying happens at the research and ideation stage, where we are able to conceive and discuss creative new ways of presenting our products that we hope become an exciting and inspiring experience for shoppers. With our latest kitchen and cooking display we sought inspiration from one of our all time favorite chefs, Julia Child. Famous for bringing French cuisine to the American public and her delightful television personality, Julia has always been an immense inspiration to us, both as a person and chef. Undeniably, Julia knew French cuisine like no other, and her kitchen was never shy of being a beautiful display of organized chaos. Filled with all the cooking essentials and then some, Julia's kitchen inspired our latest display to capture the essence of a well used and well loved kitchen. Overflowing with our newest and most beloved cooking accessories, from linen tablecloths to olive wood serving utensils, our kitchen display has everything but one crucial ingredient, Julia Child herself.

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Fairhope Supply Co. said...

You nailed it, and it looks fabulous!
I'm so excited that I'll be in Savannah soon and hope to see your store!