On the Shelf : Fresh Garden Accessories

Now that the holidays are long behind us and we have entered the no-man's-land middle of winter, the days until warm sunny days can begin to seem far out of reach. Fortunately, one of the perks of living in the south is winter tends not to drag on as long as it does in the north. However, every now and then we find the need to look towards spring to help carry us through the chilly days of this cold season. Although we may jumping the gun, as we've begun filling our cabinets and shelves with fresh garden accessories, we've become anxious as ever to get our hands dirty, dig deep into the soil and plant something beautiful. It doesn't matter if we're going on a hike or potting new house plants, nothing satisfies us like being surrounded by nature! Stacking up terra cotta planters, arranging bulb vases and organizing potting tools may be a bit premature, but at least we'll be prepared for when the first signs of spring finally arrive.

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