Postcards from Paris : { 12 jours de célébration }

 Unlike in the States, France misses out on the Thanksgiving holiday before Christmas. However the thing I missed out in the states was The Epiphany. I hadn't realized before that the 12 days of Christmas actually lead up to the day of the Epiphany, usually falling on January 6th. So our festivities have been continuing since the 25th. My husband and I just spent several days with part of the Paris Market family in the Black Forest. Kelsey, Erik, Collin, and Eliza have all spent the holiday with their parents in Germany, and we took advantage of this opportunity to celebrate more with them.
On the way to Kandern, we spent some time in Strasbourg. Even though we left on the 27th, the Christmas market was still bustling. The scent of spiced vin chaud smelled so wonderful, and all of the Alsacian food looked so tempting and delicious.
Cozy and comfortable in Kandern we found ourselves showered with hospitality. What a joy it is to ring in the new year with dear friends. As the 12 days continued to pass along, we've been enthused about 2014 with trips to the market, seasonal fruits, french hens, and a partridge in a pear tree.
My favorite moment however is once the galette des Rois is served, meaning the Kings cake. This tradition celebrates the three kings arriving in Bethlehem. While indulging in the delicious flake pastry, frangipane-filled cake we all anticipate who will be the lucky candidate to come across the small ceramic figurine hidden inside called a fève. The fortunate one is crowned king or queen for the year.
I wish you all a happy, prosperous New Year. I hope we all find our own little fève, and feel like royality all year!

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