Currently Inspired : The Game of Dominoes

While we're not necessarily "gamers" here at The Paris Market, there are a few games that we love to play when we have the opportunity, and with today being a holiday we thought we'd share one of our household favorites! A game that is centuries old, Dominoes first originated in China before making its way to Europe and finally the United States. Like a deck of cards, there are many different ways to play the game, however the most the most common types fall into two categories, blocking and scoring. In blocking the main objective is to empty one's hand while blocking the opponent's. In Scoring the scoring happens during gameplay and is the main objective of the game. No matter which way you play, Dominoes is an amazingly simple and fun game to get into with friends and family. Playing traditionally is lots of fun, however after we've grown tired of being competitive with one another, our favorite thing to do with Dominoes is to take the tiles, stand each one upright in a successive line or spiral and knock them down! You'd be surprised how fun it is to watch them fall one after the other in a perfectly orchestrated pattern. Just give it a try! We hope everyone has a fun and relaxing holiday! Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day!

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