Notes from Abroad: Provence Part 2 { Saint-Remy-de-Provence }

We pick up from where we left off two days ago. We all jump into the car together and make our way down the mountainside. Our destination is Saint-Remy-de-Provence and on our way we see nothing but the most picturesque landscapes shrouded in myst. Upon our arrival to Saint-Remy we were relieved to find the clouds had parted, allowing us to see a few glimpses of the famous Provence sunlight. The temperature was much warmer than in the mountains and immediately a stroll through town was on our minds. We navigated our way through narrow walkways that were lush with greenery until we reached the center of town. Brimming with excitement, Saint-Remy appeared to offer adventures for everyone to choose from, so we parted ways briefly, agreeing to reconvene later in the evening for a bite to eat. The sun set shortly, and our bones quickly began to feel chilled. After finding the quintessential French restaurant we agreed warming up with a glass of Rosé wine was exactly what our appetites were craving. Shortly after dinner, we decided to call it a night and get some rest for the next day. In the morning when we awoke we enjoyed an entire meal's worth of delicious croissants and coffee and began making our way to Saint-Paul de Mausole, the psychiatric center painter Vincent Van Gogh admitted himself in 1889. I've always loved Van Gogh's work and having the opportunity to see the room in which he stayed and the window he looked out only gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of him. Shortly after visiting the gardens surrounding Van Gogh's room we had to say goodbye to the Persimmon trees and make our way back to the German countryside. I'm told Provence should only be experienced in summer time and not during the winter. However, after seeing the region at "it's worst", I can say with honesty, despite the rain, cold weather and lack of sunlight, Provence is nothing but beautiful.

A bientôt,
Erik & Kelsey

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le Prince Noir said...

Dear, best time to visit Provence , for light and weather, is May, June and September and October. And don't miss les Baux de Provence