Vintage Find of the Day: Shoeshine Stand from India

One of the greatest perks of working at The Paris Market is getting to see our vintage finds as soon as they enter the door. Unpacking new curiosities and rare items from mysterious foreign lands is easily the most exciting part of our day. In almost every instance it seems like the more mystery that surrounds an item, the more our interest peaks. And today we're especially excited by one of our most recent vintage finds, a beautifully and ornately adorned shoeshine kit and stand. Originally from India and made of brass, wood and glass, our intrigue in the history of this delightful rarity is through the roof! One reason why vintage items and antiques appeal to us more than new items is because we love seeing firsthand, the history of an object. For example, areas on the stand where the brass has become tarnished from years of use, or surfaces of the wood that have worn away from the numerous shoes that rested while they were shined are the nuances in an object that really excite us. These details can only come from surviving years of use and abuse. And it's these details on an item that show its unique history that make us love them all the more.

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