Vintage Find of the Day : Courtroom Anatomy Charts

It's always exciting when you think you know an item's history and then you find out its intent is something completely different. Discovering the actual context reveals a fresh perspective that only makes the object all the more desirable. Such is the case with our vintage medical prints, which we originally thought were just charts for Doctors and medical specialists. Beautiful as they are as simple anatomical diagrams, learning they we're actually used in courtroom proceedings instantly made all of our heads turn with curiosity. Dating back to right around the 1960's, each chart is printed with simplistic, legible type and bold black and white diagrams of human anatomy. It's no surprise that removing the charts from their original context allows them to become works of art, worthy of hanging on a wall. However, placing them in context adds a level of intrigue that makes each print a beautiful and interesting piece of history.

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